About us

I am a podiatrist and have been doing therapy in my own practice in Affoltern am Albis for many years. www.podologiekrenz.ch


For a long time I was looking for suitable work shoes.



The search was difficult because I need sturdy and comfortable footwear for long days at the office. Moreover, I need shoes that are closed at the front but that do not cause my feet to sweat. 



I often think back to my childhood, and I still remember how the best shoes were made of wood.



So I took part in a shoemaking course for several days and made my own clogs with the difference that the wooden sole had a rubber seam in the forefoot. This makes walking quieter and more comfortable.


Within a short time, several customers have approached me about my shoes. They liked the wood which likely reminded them of the past. 



That was the trigger for my own shoe project and other wooden shoe models.



After several trips to the producers in Spain and Austria and several prototypes, we now have our first small collection ready.



In the meantime, we produce the shoes ourselves according to customer's request.


My partner Marcel Chevrolet is an independent wealth and financial advisor. With his vast experience in sales, marketing and organization, he supports me energetically. www.chevroletconsulting.ch


Petra Krenz and Marcel Chevrolet