Health Aspects


How does a tree manage to protect its wood against bacteria, viruses,fungi, insects and all other hungry predators?
Actually, every tree contains highly effective, preserving, antibacterial and fungicidal substances. These are usually found in the natural resins of the wood. 

Scientific studies by Professor M. Moser from the University of Graz (see bookillustration) have shown that essential oils and resins from wood have a positive effect

on health. These substances are absorbed via the lungs and the skin. 

The sole of the foot has a very strong, hard-working skin. It contains many sweat

glands. Here foot sweat is absorbed by the wooden shoes and essential oils and

resins are absorbed into the feet and body when wearing wooden shoes. 

The book beautifully describes why wood and trees can effectively strengthen us

throughout our lives. 

Many thanks to the author for the kind permission to reference this reserach.