Welcome to Knock On Wood


In English the phrase “Knock on Wood” is used to avoid bad luck and lead to good fortune. We believe our shoes with a natural wood sole will definitely bring good fortune to you and your feet.


How did I come up with the idea of shoes with flexible wooden soles? 

"Actually it was the decision of my feet ..."

As a child,  I loved my Swedish coccolis - we all wore them, especially since then they were very comfortable and practical. Who doesn’t remember? The photo shows me 1975 ...

Today's wood zoccolis are even more comfortable, thanks to the incorporated rubber in the front palm of the sole. They guarantee natural and healthy walking!

In addition, I find shoes with a flat sole edge to be extremely important. In my job, I treat many feet with painful bruises on the heels that come from the rounded edges. I became very interested in why feet have to be 'embedded' inside a rounded sole.