Our Commitment to Originality and Quality

Our Materials


We place great importance on the quality and origin of our raw materials. Different types of wood can be used for the wooden soles, including fir, pine, poplar, linden and birch. All of our wood comes from sustainably managed forests in Spain and Austria and are certified with the international PEFC label.

At present, our models are made of Spanish fir, the new models Geneva and Basel from Austrian poplar.

All wooden soles are made by hand. Each pair is unique, which is a sign of customization and the highest quality.



All processed leather comes from European production and meets the highest requirements for environmentally friendly

production. EU Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)

Our suppliers guarantee that no child labor is involved.


Production and Processing

The manufacture of the wooden soles as well as the manufacture of the models Zurich, Brienz and Basel take place in Spain and Austria. We place great importance on an ecologically and ethically correct production. Nevertheless, it is possible that smallest deviations in the color can occur.

Employees are decently compensated; we avoid manufacturing products in low-wage countries like India, China, Bangladesh and Eastern Europe.

Models Geneva and Lugano

We produce our models Geneva and Lugano ourselves in our studio in Zurich. The proven wooden soles are sourced from Austria. There are 15 different leather colors and types available.

The structure of the shoe consists of the upper leather and a color-coordinated lining leather. In between a cotton fabric is glued to prevent the leather from expanding over time. The two parts are glued together and the seams are stitched, which creates a nice effect. If you want, you can choose the color of the sewing thread because we also produce your shoe according to your taste.

Then the finished leather parts are riveted or stapled on the wooden soles. For rivets you can choose from black, silver and gold.

Without individual requests, the shoes are made as illustrated.

For questions, please call us!